Secret And Simple Flower Arrangement

Secret And Simple Flower Arrangement

Floral Arranging as a Hobby – Learn Flower Arranging the Easy Way

Flower arranging has become increasingly popular as a hobby, for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Have you ever put flowers in a vase and they just don’t sit right? By learning a few basic principles you will be able to create attractive floral designs for your own home.

Secret And Simple Flower Arrangement
Secret And Simple Flower Arrangement

Flowers add the finishing touch to any room. Imagine the pleasure you will get by being able to make a lovely flower arrangement for your entrance hall or a floral centerpiece for the dining room table.

Flower arrangements make the perfect gift for so many different occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, get well wishes, or to simply say “I care”.

Unlike many other hobbies, you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment. You can often use flowers and foliage from your own garden or you can buy some inexpensive flowers. Once you learn how to position flowers and foliage correctly, you can quickly make eye catching floral designs. You can also create floral designs using silk flowers. There are some very natural looking silk flowers available, and you will be able to make lasting floral designs.

Imagine the thrill of being able toi create beautiful floral designs and being able to say “I made it myself”.

The benefits of learning flower arranging are many –

Flower arranging is creative and fun

Relaxing. It’s a great stress reducer

Interesting. Flower arranging is never boring

You will have a sense of achievement by learning a new skill

You will save money by making your own floral designs

Discover the exciting world of flower arranging. We teach you step-by-step how to make professional looking flower arrangements. It’s easy once we show you how. Flower arranging is very interesting. There are so many different varieties of flowers available. In our flower arranging classes you will learn how to use flowers to their best advantage and how to create many different styles of floral arrangements.

The 8 Most Basic Flower Arrangements

When you see flower arrangements on tables in restaurants, at special events and even in offices and homes that you visit, you may think that they are just arranged that way because the florist thought it would look nice that way. You might not know this but there are actually certain patterns that florists follow when they make their flower arrangements. Here are eight of the most basic flower arrangements you will find florists using for different occasions:

  • Horizontal arrangements 

    – these kinds of arrangements are made with the use of shallow containers and use anchor tape as well as anchor foam to keep the design in place.

  • Vertical arrangements

    – these are the ones that you often see in vases and jars in towering yet free flowing forms.

  • Triangular arrangements

    – when you talk about triangular arrangements, you are basically getting flowers arranged with the use of a shallow vase or bowl with a tall center flower and other flowers arranged in a way that the final arrangement forms a triangle.

Video About Flower Arrangement


  • Crescent arrangement

    – this arrangement takes the shape of a crescent moon with the upper and lower ends of the arrangement tapering and curving inwards to form the crescent shape.

  • Oval arrangement

    – this kind of an arrangement has a thick central bunch of flowers and a slowly tapering top and a floral overhang that also tapers at the bottom.

  • Minimal arrangement

    – this floral arrangement takes its cue from the Japanese art of Ikebana with very few flowers arranged in a style that is still very attractive despite the minimal number of flowers being used.

  • Lazy S

    – this is one of the arrangements that often requires the use of flowers with curved stems to help you achieve the s shape that this comes in.

  • Free Standing

    – a free standing arrangement is often one where the florist just lets his imagination run wild and arranges the flowers as he sees fit in a shallow container with the help of floral foam, floral tape and floral clay.

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